New Intakes From K&N at SEMA 2019

K&N 2020 Cold Air Intakes

When we think of K&N, we think of reusable air filters, but K&N also has a huge catalog of air intakes.

K&N 2020 Cold Air Intakes
K&N Cold Air Intake for the 2019 Chevrolet Silverado & GMC Sierra 1500

At SEMA 2019, K&N had a taste of its upcoming 2020 air intakes, including new ones with enclosed air box designs that help protect the filter and inlet air from the heat of the engine bay.

Video | K&N Air Intakes at SEMA 2019

K&N cold air intakes are designed to create a more aerodynamic path for airflow by removing stock intake tubing that can create excess turbulence, and by utilizing highly airflow-efficient filter media. Air first passes through a performance air filter—which is designed to provide more airflow than a standard disposable paper filter—before moving through an aerodynamically-engineered tubing system that helps keep airflow cooler and also helps provide a higher volume of air to the engine.

K&N 2020 Cold Air Intakes

Factory systems often feature intake tubing with tight bends, baffles, and other obstacles that can slow airflow and create turbulence. These systems are also typically designed to muffle engine noise—unlike K&N cold air intakes, which are designed to give your engine a more satisfying growl on acceleration, yet stay quiet once at speed.

K&N 2020 Cold Air Intakes

K&N 2020 Cold Air Intakes
K&N carbon-fiber intake system installed in a Corvette Z06

K&N offers several performance cold air intake system options to cater to different aesthetic, ease of maintenance, and filter media preferences. Choose among mandrel-bent aluminum, powder-coated aluminum, and high-density polyethylene intake tubing, and select either an oiled cotton High-Flow Air Filter™ or non-oiled synthetic DRYFLOW® air filter (options vary by vehicle).

K&N 2020 Cold Air Intakes


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