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Laying Down Fire Suppression

Every racer wants to win. Summit Racing says every racer should win safely. That’s why they recommend having a fire suppression system like Lifeline Fire’s Zero 360 Fire Suppression System. The systems are designed and made in the UK and proven in use in F1, Le Mans, and IndyCar competition. You can be confident that you’ll be protected no matter what class you compete in.

Lifeline Fire Zero 360 Fire Suppression Systems use 3M Novec 1230 fire suppressant that is non-conductive, efficient, and able to reach areas not in the direct path of the nozzles. It won’t damage electronic components and leaves no residue to clean up once the fire is out.

The Zero 360 systems have a CNC-machined aluminum head that has only one moving part to ensure maximum reliability. Summit Racing carries three types of systems:

• Systems with a pull-cable mechanical activation system
• Systems with automatic activation ensure the fire suppressant is directed to the source of the fire with no driver input needed
• Systems with both mechanical and automatic activation systems

summit racing fire supression

The Lifeline Fire Zero 360 systems with a 10 pound bottle are available with one, two, or four discharge nozzles. Systems with five pound bottles come with two discharge nozzles.

The Lifeline Fire Zero 360 Fire Suppression Systems come with your choice of aluminum or steel tubing, and mounting hardware. Systems with automatic activation come with wiring, waterproof switches, and control box.


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