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Motul took its 170 years of motor oil know-how and bottled it in the reformulated Classic Motor Oil line to provide even more protection for engines of a “certain age.” The additive blends are specifically suited to accommodate the tolerances and gasket materials of vintage engines to keep them running strong. Motul Classic Motor Oil formulas include:

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Classic Motor Oil

This is a mineral-based 20W50-weight oil is made for engines fitted in vintage cars or bikes built after 1950. Ideal for use in classic car engines running looser engine tolerances, the oil has mid-level detergents to prevent carbon deposits, molybdenum to boost performance, and it can be used as a break-in oil.

Classic 2100 Motor Oil

This semi-synthetic 15W50-weight oil is made for naturally aspirated and turbocharged engines built after 1970. It contains more ZDDP to keep protect flat tappet cams and offers better cold viscosity to reduce wear during startup. The synthetic base allows for stay-in-grade viscosity that keeps oil pressure constant and has modern detergents to prevent carbon deposits.

Classic Eighties Motor Oil

Classic Eighties Motor Oil is formulated for use in vehicles with higher compression naturally aspirated, supercharged, and turbocharged engines. The semi-synthetic 10W40-weight oil is high in ZDDP and molybdenum for superior anti-wear protection and performance.

Classic Nineties Motor Oil

This semi-synthetic multigrade 10W30-weight oil works in 1990s-era engines and emission systems. It has low viscosity, sheer stability under pressure, and a balanced additive package with plenty of ZDDP and molybdenum that protect your engine even during storage and extended periods of disuse.


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