Summit Racing: Detroit Muscle Street Regal 1985 Buick Regal Parts Combos

Super Street Fighter

Tommy Boshers and Marc Christ from PowerNation TV’s Detroit Muscle found a nice, unmolested 1985 Buick Regal that was just begging to be turned into a street muscle hero. The car got the works—a custom-built tube chassis, a Chevrolet Performance LS drivetrain, a fancy-schmancy leather interior, and a hot paint job. The boys dubbed their creation Street Regal.
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You can find the Street Regal build on and the parts used to build it in Summit Racing’s Detroit Muscle Street Regal Parts Combos.

Drivetrain Combo
The Regal came from the factory with a 3.8L Buick V6. Tommy fixed the horsepower deficit with a Chevrolet Performance 376/525HP LS3 crate engine. The engine is backed by a Chevrolet Performance 4L70E four-speed automatic transmission with a Supermatic lockup torque converter.

Tommy built a custom 2.5 inch exhaust system using a Magnaflow Hot Rod Builder kit and a pair of Magnaflow mufflers with center-exit tips built into the rear bumper. Rounding out the combo is a Billet Specialties Tru-Trac serpentine accessory drive system and a B&M Hi-Tek Supercooler transmission cooler.

Fuel System Combo

Tommy created a fuel delivery system based on a 15 gallon Summit Racing fuel cell with a Holley Sniper retrofit in-tank fuel pump module. He moved the fuel filler to the driver side quarter panel using a RideTech locking fuel door and a filler tube fabricated from Vibrant Performance stainless steel J-bends.

Brakes and Tires Combo

Tommy added some stopping power in the form of Wilwood AERO6 six-piston front and AERO4 four-piston rear disc brakes. Rolling stock features 245/40-18 and 285/35-20 General G-Max RS tires on custom-built 18 x 8 and 20 x 10.5 American Racing VF502 Crossup wheels.

Paint Combo

The Regal rolled out of the Flint, Michigan factory with white paint and a tan vinyl top. After ripping off the vinyl, Tommy replaced the factory rear wheeltubs with wider Goodmark tubs to make room for the big rear tires. He also customized a pair of Goodmark reproduction Grand National bumpers, complete with lightening holes that should add at least 20 horsepower (NOTE: no, they won’t).

After fixing some dings and dents, Tommy laid down Summit Racing primer and primer-sealer before spraying the car with Summit Racing 2-Stage ‘On Fire’ metallic red paint and tons of clearcoat. The grille and trim were painted Summit Racing Hot Rod Flat black satin.

Completer Combo

Everyone knows fast cars have rear spoilers, so Tommy fabricated one from 11 gauge aluminum and used JOES Racing spoiler supports to attach it to the car. The interior sheetmetal was slathered with Lizardskin heat and sound insulation, and Design Engineering Boom Mat was pressed inside the doors to reduce bothersome road rumble. A direct-fit Dakota Digital VHX gauge kit with a speedo, tach, and a full complement of gauges replaced the factory panel.


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