JEGS Fuel Cell Rollover Vent Valve 10AN

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JEGS Rollover Vent Valves are made from lightweight aluminum and designed with a one-way check valve that allows air to flow through the vent line under normal operating conditions In the event of a rollover, the valve closes off the vent line keeping fuel in the cell and not allowing it to spill over. These valves are available in internal and external mount applications and in AN sizes of -6 AN, -8 AN, and NEW -10 AN JEGS Exclusive. Rollover valves are mandatory for many sanctioned racing organizations for safety precautions. Please consult your rules book or safety crew.

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JEGS 15379 Fuel Cell Rollover Vent Valve for a -10 AN connection will help prevent fuel spillover during a rollover. This external valve can be mounted almost anywhere up and out of the way for driver safety and is required in all sanctioned racing events.


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